HplusART was originally setup in 2006 as a way of bringing creatives together who could contriubte to a movement known back then as many different terms most common being Transhuamnism (to find out more about H+ and the transhuman movement click here). Back in 2004 when I first found out about the movement it revolved mainly around various email lists with debates on common transhuman themes. The websites that did exist were uninspiring and the artistic and creative discourse in the movment seemed far out weighed by the science and philosophy. I was very lucky to have found other creatives early on who saw transhumanism like I did. They viewed with excitement the society changing near horizon transformations but viewed with disbelife transhumanist lack of comprehenison reguarding public perception and what role creatives could play in the H+ message. As I reflect on that time now I think we had some victories or at least influence... Traits like empathy have been given far higher, even central foundation within a movement that for a while gave the impression that humans and human traits were superflous. All the major H+ organisations have rebranded in a human centric way and the word from the main players seems to be that this transformation goes deeper than a new coat of paint!


The new HplusART is going to try and capture the best in contempory art that engages with progressive futurism. I'm going to be looking for art that take up H+ themes and explores the edges, tests the waters and challenges the movement and the public alike. All of this interspersed with a dash of news from the cutting edge of science, technology and progressive society that informs that art.

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